Saturday, August 30, 2014

IKI August 2014 Meeting Minutes

Club members reported that the Old Mill demonstration in Jasper was a success. Two lathes were set up & demonstrating from 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.

Dan Davis informed the club that the second lathe shield cost is $150.00, well under the projected cost of $175.00.   Discussion was held in regard to having IKI signage to go on the front of each shield stand.  Further update and discussion next month.
Roger provide copies of the final IKI brochure - will have multiple copies made to make available at upcoming events.

Upcoming activity:
-  "Wonders In Wood" event at the National Guard Armory; October 25th and 26th
-  Plans are to the club display our works at the SW Indiana Arts Council during November.   Rich will be providing additional information in this regard.

Eric Gourieux gave a demonstration on grain orientation. It generated a great deal of interest. Thanks Eric.
Our September meeting will feature a demonstration from Brian Hart.
Our meeting closed at 3:00 pm.
Next meeting:  Sunday, September 14

Keep turning!

Saturday, August 09, 2014

IKI July 2014 Meeting Minutes

New visitors Allen Iker, Ray Bailey, & Rusty Welbourne attended our meeting today. Welcome to all!
Flint Bone brought his photography setup for all who wanted their turnings photographed.  Thanks Flint - we appreciate it.
Rich Couture got the okay from the Evansville Arts & Crafts Council for our November display of the Club's turnings.

Rich updated the club on our opportunity to demonstrate wood turning on the porch of the Jasper City Mill on Saturday, August 2, from10am to 2pm CDT.. This date coincides with the Strassfest.    We are able to display turnings for sale as well.  Please contact Rich if you plan to participate.
Brian Hart brought in some blackwood stock which was made available for sale.
The Honors Flight for WWII Veterans is schedule for October 25 ,2014. This event flies WWII veterans from Evansville to Washington, D.C. for the day in which the 70 or so veterans and their guardians will visit monuments, etc.   A great opportunity to say "thanks" and "give back".  For more information visit

Dan Davis & Don Johnson brought a prototype lathe shield to the meeting. The membership liked it. Dan & Don donated the first one, & estimated the second one to cost approximately $160.00 to $175.00.  The club membership voted to allot up to $175.00 for the second lathe shield.
Dennis Young did a demonstration on making a lidded box. It was very well done.

Eric agreed to demo at the August meeting and Brian in September.
Show & Tell was exceptionally interesting, with Eric Gourieux showing 3 turned hats, & Keith Armstrong making a huge winged vessel, among other items shown.

Our meeting ended at 3:00pm.

Next meeting:  August 10th
Keep turning! 

August meeting notice.

As a reminder, our next meeting is scheduled as follows:

IKI Woodturners
Sunday, August 10th
1:30 PM
Morningside Cumberland Presbyterian Church

8419 Newburgh Road, Evansville, In 47715

Eric Gourieux plans to bring some colored pencil glue ups and demonstrating gouge direction in relation to wood grain on various pieces.  

Please bring your turnings for show and tell.