Wednesday, June 04, 2014

IKI Meeting Minutes May 18, 2014

Welcome to our guest; Sid Nelson! Come on back!
Thanks to everyone that participated in the Newburgh Central Library turning display. It was a great display of work and received many positive comments.
The Tri State Woodcarvers accepted our application to participate in this years "Wonders in Wood" event scheduled for October. In addition, they agreed to accommodate our request to have our display table located next to our lathe demonstrations. They did however, ask that we have a shield in place to prevent wood chips from flying into the spectator area, as well as to meet safety requirements. The club agreed to investigate options to accommodate their request. Dan Davis agreed to look into the possibility of making a plexiglass protector to go in front of demonstration lathes and to meet safety requirements.
We had a discussion about the possibility of making turned objects for veterans, spouses of soldiers deployed, etc. The group mulled over what objects would be of most benefit and left it that members were asked to think about it & bring their ideas to the next meeting.
Don Ile will demonstrate his home made segmented bowl sled/cutter as well as his press for segmented bowls at our June meeting.
Brian Hart did a demonstration on chatter & other decorative embellishment tools. Well done Brian - thanks!.
Don Taylor showed his hollow coring system using 1" square tubing and Sid Nelso his plastic flower, etc.
Thanks guys.
Our monthly meeting ended at 3:00pm.
Daniel Davis

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