Monday, December 22, 2014

IKI Woodturners Club Dec. 14th Meeting Minutes

December 14, 2014 1:30pm

 Our club meeting opened with a report on the status of displaying our turnings at the SW Indianan Ar's Council in Evansville.  Rich Couture reported that slow progress is being made in this regard as the coordinator for the Arts Council has delayed establishing a firm scheduled.  Rich may talk to the president of the Arts Council to bring to conclusion if we will, or will not be displaying our turnings.

 As a reminder, club dues for 2015 are $25.00 ($5 going to the church).  Please plan to be prepared to provide your payment to Susan Hansen at the January meeting.

 The Tennessee Woodturners Annual Symposium is scheduled for January 30 & 31, 2015 in Franklin, TN.  They are well known for having an excellent show, so make your plans to be there soon. Early registration ends December 31,2014.

 Rusty Welborn representing the he nominating committee for the 2015 club officers, reporting that the current officers agreed to serve in the same capacity for 2015.  A motion was made, seconded, & voted on approving the following as officers for 2015:    Susan Hansen - Treasurer;  Dan Davis - Secretary, Dennis Young, Vice President/Program Chair, and Roger Domina - President. 

 The following also agreed to serve for another year:  Roster Chair - Tom Rusche; Media - Bob Blanford; and Library - Scott Allen.  In addition, our thanks to Flint Bone for his willingness to continue with our distribution list and administration of the IKI Blog.

 Jerry Ziliak,Central American Hardwoods, has tentatively offered to do a presentation about his exotic wood business at his showroom in January.  Roger will follow up with Jerry and advise if we will meet at Central American Hardwoods location for our January meeting versus the church.  

 Jim Scheu,Dusty Wood Warehouse, has tentatively agreed to attend our February meeting to discuss his business and offer some of his woods for sale.

 In discussions, members reported that Triple A Hobby, Hobby Town, & Harbor Freight all have good prices on ca glue.

 Dan Davis did a demonstration on turning a pewter finial. Good job, Dan.

 In our show & tell segment, a mallet surfaced which was somewhat similar to the legendary mallet displayed at the 2014 "Wonders In Wood" show in October.  Since details about the original plans for the mallet were sketchy at best (some say hoarded), an investigation followed. We found the original plans are in the 2004 Wood Magazine issue 156.  If anyone needs a copy & can't find it, Dan will provide.

 Please let Dennis Young know if you are willing to demo at the January, February, or March meetings.

 Next meeting:  January 11, 2015.

 Keep turning.


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