Wednesday, February 04, 2015

IKI Meeting Minutes January 11 , 2015

Welcome to first time attendees: Bill Voegel and Jim Hook. Hope you guys will come back.
2015 dues are $25; payment was and can be made to our Treasurer, Susan Hansen.

A motion was made & seconded to renew our insurance through the AAW at a costs of $95.00 for the year.   The group approved by means of a unanimous vote.

Jim Scheu from Dusty Wood Warehouse presented information pertaining to his business.  Jim sells indigenous woods from North America in addition to many exotic species in 4/4" & 8/4" thicknesses. He has a sharpening service available, offers high quality plywood, as well as cutting board kits & completed cutting boards. Just let Jim know what you need and he will do what he can to accommodate.  Dusty Wood Warehouse is located at 960 Neubling, in Evansville, and can be contacted at 812-459-4969 or Website: Jim gave a nice presentation and provide the club with a host of turning blanks as well as 5 sets of wood made up for cutting boards. Thanks, Jim.

February meeting:  club members are encouraged to bring any tools and or accessories they want to sell, trade, or give away. 

Rich reminded the group that the OLD MILL in Jasper is willing to display & sell our club member's turnings for 30% of the selling price.   Susan mentioned a potential outlet to offer our turnings for sale; will check it out and report back at the February meeting.

We plan to hold off on having a meeting at Central American Hardwoods (Jerry Ziliak) until the weather warms up.   Jerry offers exotic hardwoods from Central America.

Dan Davis gave a very good demonstration on use of a fluting jig used on spindles.

Very nice work associated with the items presented during show and tell.

Please let Dennis Young know if you are willing to provide a demo at the February, March, or April meetings.

Our meeting closed at 3:30pm.
Keep turning!!


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