Monday, August 03, 2015

Turning a Small Bowl by Dennis Young

IKI Woodturners Club Meeting Minutes July12, 2015

Andrea Adams from the Arts Council of SW Indiana has requested our club provide a demonstration in concert with the Mayor's Art Awards event scheduled for August 20, at the Victory Theater in downtown Evansville.  Plans are being made to have two lathes available for the event.  Dennis Young and Keith Armstrong volunteered to be present to provide the demonstration.

Rich Couture was not at our meeting so we will plan to get an update from him during the August meeting as it relates to our club's possible demonstration at the "Old Mill" in Jasper.

Susan Hansen reported our club has $2554.54 in our account.

The Wonders in Wood event in which our club will demonstrate is coming up on October 31st and November 1st.

David Brazelton attended the AAW Symposium that was recently held in Pittsburgh.  He provided an overview of his experience at the event and encouraged everyone to consider attending next years symposium which is scheduled to take place in Atlanta.    One idea that was discussed was having a panel of peers critique our turnings, so as to improve & get new ideas.

Roger Domina mentioned the Louisville woodturning club recently made a day trip to Chris Ramsey's studio which included a tour and demonstration.  We all thought it would be a great idea for our club to consider a similar event if we could find something within within a reasonable driving distance.

Discussion took place around consideration to upgrading the club lathe.  The lathe that was discussed was:

Jet 1221 Midi Lathe
 - 20 1/2 inches between centers
 - Cast iron construction
 - 12 1/2 inch swing capacity
 - Variable speeds from 60 - 3,600 RPM (digital speed readout)
 - Integrated 24 position indexing
 - 1 HP motor
 - Forward and reverse operation
 - Retail price before any club discount:  $799.99
We will have further discussion in this regard during the August meeting.

Keith Armstrong gave an excellent demonstration on making a Christmas ornament. Very well done, Keith!

We had our monthly show & tell of our turnings.

Our meeting ended at 3:30pm.

Keep turning!